• Hearty meals

    hearty meals

    At Yangsum, you'll enjoy freshly -prepared, hearty meals to suit non-vegetarians or vegetarians. Wherever possible, fresh organic farm produce is used and you can sample Sikkim cheese, nettle soup and a wide range of other tasty, local dishes. Dine in Thendup and Pema's cosy living room or choose to be served on your verandah or in a gazebo overlooking the fields and hills.

  • Organic Farm

    organic farm

    While relaxing on your holiday it is easy to forget that Yangsum is a working farm. Cultivated agriculture yields maize, paddy, millet, potatoes, ginger, turmeric,and sweet potatoes. In addition to these, seasonal vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, tomatoes and peas are also grown. The farm is fully organic.

  • Buddhist serenity


    Visit local Buddhist monasteries, some of them hundreds of years old. Watch young monks at their lessons or going about their chores. Spin prayer wheels, listen to chanting or just sit and enjoy the tranquility of these hilltop settings.

  • Misty citadel


    Visit Sikkim's former capital of Rabdentse, dating from the 17th century. Walk through lush forests to this hilltop citadel and see ruins of the palace in its well-tended gardens.


         I highly recommend Yangsum farm. It is beautifully situated, well set up, Thendup and his wife are excellent hosts and very helpful.
Bangkok, Thailand
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Village walk cum Nature walk
l There are number of trails around Yangsum Farm and Rinchenpong, where hikers get to experience the rich and diverse vegetation of Sikkim. The walks are through villages, forest along plain ridges with undulating elevation making the walks easy and less tiring.There are also walks One can also see the unique cultivation practises and varied range of crops planted by the farmers of villages.





l Sikkim has a rich diversity of various bird species and offers a good list of sighting for an avid bird watcher. The farmhouse has good knowledge of birding and the various locations for the sightings and we can arrange bird watching tours for the interested visitors.





Learning Sikkimese cuisines
l An excellent opportunity to be taught traditional receipts and cooking methods of Sikkim on a wood burning hearth.

The farmhouse serves various Sikkimese cuisines which are prepared from fully organic vegetables cultivated in the farm premises. Visitors are invited to learn to prepare the delicious Sikkimese cuisines at kitchen of the farmhouse.





Sightseeing tours
l We offer local sightseeing tours to places of Interest in West and South Sikkim. The Tour programs can be suitable customized to your needs and generally full day tour. Some of the places of Interest are Tashiding Monastery, Pemayengtshen Monastery, Rabdentse ruins, Ralong Monastery, Budda Park and more.





Strolling, Hiking, Trekking
l Whether it's a leisurely stroll through the garden, a three-hour hike to visit local villages and monasteries, or a five-day trek, there is something to suit everyone. Hike through rhododendron forests and watch local people at work in their fields and orchards. For the more adventurous, Thendup can arrange treks to the nearby mountains. At the right time of year, see amazing views of Kangchenjunga, the world's third-highest peak.

Rabongla to Maenam, 10km
A three hour trek uphill from Rabongla through the Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary teeming with Magnolia, Rhododendron and small bamboo to reach the hilltop which is at an altitude of 3235m (10612ft). The view from Maenam summit is picturesque and breathtaking. In the west an amazing vista of the sparkling peaks of the Kanchendzonga range spreads before you.

Hilley to Varsay, (8km return)
From Hilley, one has to trek for four kilometres that takes approximately one hour to reach Varsey which is at an altitude of 3049m (10000ft). At Varsay the rhododendrons reign supreme and during the month of March they are a riot of red and white.

Many other treks can be arranged in the immediate area of Rinchenpong and further afield at Yoksum.



White Water Rafting
l The white waters of the Tista and the Rangit offer some good stretches of thrilling rapids. Swirling rides can be organised from Melli. The rapids, rated according to the Colorado River standards, are grade 2 and 3.





Monastery tour
l From Rinchenpong the tour starts with a visit to Pemayangtse, the Perfect Sublime Lotus, a magnificant monastery in western Sikkim commanding one of the finest views of the Kangchendzonga range. From there you travel to Sangacholing an even older monastery than Pemayangtse. Next you visit the sacred lake of Khechopalri and the monastery closeby.